BPS, BEP and On the Rock Team Up to STOP Dropouts!

As always, we are grateful for your financial donations to Bartlesville Education Promise and for supporting our local public schools.

We are very excited about our latest program, which focuses on incoming 9th graders who are already at risk of failing their first high school classes. These kids will receive special remediation tutoring, take required high school classes taught by BPSD teachers, take computer gaming electives, and gain work experience. This full time alternative education program will be held at the new Youth Development Center of On the Rock, in the recently completely updated Creamery Building.

The students who are participating have been targeted for extra help because of their low 8th grade reading and/or math scores, which put them at high risk of dropping out of school. They will be closely monitored for progress, working with special mentors, teachers and counselors. The students will return to regular education at BHS when they are ready to succeed with their peers.

A Northeastern University study determined that, on average, a high school dropout will cost taxpayers in the neighborhood of $292,000 over the course of their lifetime. Similarly, the likelihood of incarceration is much higher for dropouts than for those who have graduated. BEP believes that investing in education and halting our dropout rate is the BEST time to make a positive difference in our community.

We are pleased to sponsor this potentially life-changing alternative education, in conjunction with Bartlwsville Public Schools and the Youth Development Center of On the Rock. We could not do this without your donations and good wishes. Thank you!

More information about Bartlesville Education Promise and how it helps support Bartlesville’s public school students is available at http://www.BartlesvilleEducationPromise.com.

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