2020 Programs

The Board of Directors of the Bartlesville Education Promise announced the various programs they will be supporting in the Bartlesville School System for the summer and fall school year for 2020/21. The programs supported by the Bartlesville Education Promise (BEP), are designed to improve the graduation rate in the school system.  Many of the programs are designed to help those students that struggle and provide added educational opportunities for the student to successfully complete their course of study.

During the summer of 2020, BEP has supported elementary reading by providing virtual instruction for elementary students that have struggled to stay on grade level.  The project was designed for selected 2nd and 3rd graders.  Thirty-four teachers participated and worked with over 120 students.  Teachers identified 3 essential reading skills for each student as the focus for growth.   The program was designed to help the student in successfully passing the State of Oklahoma third grade reading examination, that when successfully passed allows the student to move to the fourth grade.

The BEP also supported the Boys and Girls Club summer education program, where 248 students participated. The educational program was designed to keep the students learning during the summer months. The five day a week program also combined 8 hours of STEM programming and High Yield Learning Activities.  The students were involved in education, healthy lifestyles, and well as character and leadership programs.

A virtual PSAT prep course will start the last of August to help prepare students to take the SAT test. This course taught by national leadership will help prepare those students that plan on taking the SAT, which is utilized to determine National Merit Scholars.  Bartlesville has been a leader in graduating National Merit Scholars in the past.

In-person Transition Camps will be held at Madison and Central Middle Schools and a virtual transition camp at the High School, in early August for those students that will be attending those schools for the first time. These one-day camps will provide students a first look at their new campus, allow a short orientation, meet teachers, and learn the type of study habits necessary for their new school.

The Board of Directors also approved an aggressive fall program of support, including:

  • After school elementary tutoring for 2nd and 3rd graders at all Bartlesville elementary schools.
  • After school tutoring for middle and high school students with rides home.
  • Support for credit recovery classes where students have a chance to re-take selected classes that may have had trouble with the first semester.
  • Support for the ATLAS program (Alternate elementary school program).
  • Parental instruction for Jane Phillips parents.
  • A new reading program for all Jane Phillips students where books are provided for all students before major holidays and the books are utilized as learning tools when the students return
  • Leadership Academies for selected 4th and 5th graders, where students learn about leadership traits prior to going to middle school.
  • After school tutoring support at the Westside Community Center during the 2020/21 school year.

The Bartlesville Education Promise educational programs have been recognized by the Oklahoma Educational Foundation as Outstanding Programs. The BEP goal continues to provide every student the opportunity to successfully graduate from high school and move to college, technical school, or the job market.

For more information contact:  Martin Garber at mgarber@cableone.net or Vanessa Drummond at VanessaDrummond@me.com.

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