BEP 2018 – 2019 Activities


  • BPS was notified that graduation rates have gone from 83% to 91%.
  • There has been a 55% reduction in the number of 3rd graders that failed to be promoted to the 4th grade due to not passing the State mandated readiness test or qualified for an exemption over a 3 year period.
  • Of the At Risk students that attended the BHS Transition Courses, 95% were promoted to the 10th In the summer of 2019 we had 62 students attend the BHS Transition course.
  • After school tutoring was continued at ALL Bartlesville Schools.
  • 700 students attended either math or English after school tutoring at Madison or Central. The policy change to allow tutoring during their study hour was extremely popular.
  • We had 454 3rd graders and 119 2nd graders attend after school tutoring, with transportation home after tutoring.
  • 332 students attended after school tutoring at the High School in math, science and English. 50% of these students were economically disadvantaged.  Numbers were reduced somewhat because of the dual scheduling for those students that took makeup classes.
  • 320 students Pledged to read over the summer, and many more attended small group meetings.
  • Watch Dog (dad’s involvement) was continued at Madison and Wilson and one additional school (Hoover) was started during the year.
  • 378 students attended Transition Camps. The 62 students at the High School were primarily At Risk students.
  • 227 students attended 3 one week STEM Camp at Tri-County Tech with 79 “high risk” students receiving scholarships. Business support was involved to outline the types of education needed to be successful in in various careers.
  • Over 3,100 students participated in at least one aspect of BEP activities.
  • BEP supported the Educational Summer Programs of the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville by providing funds for their summer instructors. Their educational program was attended by over 275 students.
  • 275 students attended a six week Art Camp held at the Boys & Girls Club.
  • 122 BPS and 18 Tri-County Tech teachers participated in BEP educational efforts and received an hourly compensation with benefits, and over 100 volunteers helped in the schools.
  • A new program entitled “Extreme STEAM” was initiated with 68 low Income students held over a 3 week program. The Gifted and Talented staff taught the program highlighting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Total Involvement:

Tutoring and Bartlesville Schools                                               1,605

Summer Reading                                                                              320+

Summer STEAM                                                                                227

Summer Art                                                                                       275

Summer Transition                                                                          373

Boys & Girls Club                                                                              275

Summer STEAM                                                                                 68

Total                                                                                                  3,143                                    



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