Students Benefit at Bartlesville High School Summer Camps

Several different camps were held in the summer of 2017 for students at Bartlesville High School. One of the camps was funded by the local group Bartlesville Education Promise, offering several Summer Institute courses for almost fifty students. The school’s Parent Support Group funded an afternoon camp for incoming freshmen.

Over two hundred incoming freshmen attended Bruin Camp on the afternoon of August 4, 2017 at Bartlesville High School’s Freshman Academy.  The event featured a scavenger hunt, school spirit session, and panel discussion with former BHS students to help the students with the transition from middle school to high school. The students were treated to Jared Frozen Custard after the event. Many parents chose to stay so that their student could check out a Chromebook to use at school and at home. That flood of students for the new checkout process dragged it out for some time, but in the end over 100 very patient parents and students left the building with a Chromebook in a nice Bruin case in an early start for the district’s bond-funded Student Computing Initiative.

Another program was the BHS Summer Institute, with several different courses offered for only a $10 registration fee. The program was made possible by the support of Bartlesville Education Promise, a nonprofit group of concerned citizens who want to see Bartlesville schoolchildren continue to succeed. Donations to the group are accepted through the Bartlesville Community Foundation. Superintendent of Schools Chuck McCauley has said Bartlesville Education Promise offers represents the spirit of the community in helping students succeed.

High School Fundamentals served 18 incoming freshmen from July 10-28. Freshman Academy teachers Amanda Hancock, Diana Johnson, Theresa Keller, and Bill McQueen taught foundation skills for successful organization and communication to the incoming high schoolers.

ACT Test Prep was offered June 5-8 by BHS faculty members Warren Neff and Jen Ward. It helped two dozen students prepare for the ACT assessment. There were two days focusing on English/Reading and two days focusing on Math. Students who attended were encouraged to register for the ACT given that week.

From July 10-21 BHS teacher Mandy Lumbley offered Prep for Accelerated English – Path to AP, guiding seven students through their summer reading project via class discussion, notes, and independent work time. In addition, the course provided a foundation in the skills for successful analysis, argument, annotation, and synthesis of text in all major genres.

The district appreciates the support of its staff members, parents, and community partners in providing students with these summer learning opportunities.

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